Dear friends, I’m sorry, but I’m still gonna do it!

10 Jun

We all have these friends! The ones who keep spamming us on Facebook with different events, links and personal messages about liking their pages etc. If you’re a musician – you’re probably one of them!

Murky Minds went through an internet voting competition to get a chance to perform at one of the coolest venues in Tallinn – MiMo at Von Krahl. In the end we got to the top four which meant that you can see us soon on stage, BUT… we must admit that it wasn’t easy to get there!

Past few years we’ve seen the rise of Facebook “Like” competitions where the winner is determined by how many votes they get. But where do you get those votes if you don’t have a massive fan base yet? You spam your friends! “Hey Jimmy, if you can spare a few seconds – could you click on my band on this site! I would mean A LOT for us!” Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V – Change the name and Enter! And so on and so on! And soon you’re the moron who keeps begging for likes but don’t have anything else to talk with your friends.

Oh! And then you have a new song which you want everyone to see, so you post it on your wall and to some groups that you think would appreciate it! But next week another one! We also have a new video now! Look! Look! LOOK! A concert next week – attend, please!

In the end – all your pleas for votes and likes; all your Soundcloud links and Youtube videos will be invisible in the background noise that you create!

But what else can we do? Any ideas?

While you’re thinking – don’t forget to check Murky Minds’ new song “Mad Love” – It’s awesome!!

Happy spamming,
Murky Minds


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