Does not contain preservatives – how long does a song stay “fresh”?

22 Jun

The apartment I currently live in has very thin walls. And when I say thin, I mean really thin. There used to be one huge apartment, but now there are two, and there is still a mere door behind one of the cupboards separating me from some college girls. I don’t usually pay attention to what music they are listening to. Probably because I am listening to music loud enough myself, so that I do not hear what they are listening. But one Saturday morning about a month ago I heard them play a song which awoke strong emotions in me. It was Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

This used to be an amazing song. My complete, absolute, fabolous fantastic favourite song for, what I may guess now, at least a whole month. Maybe even two. Over a year ago. After that, I’ve barely listened to the song. What happened? Well, I guess the song decayed for me. So, on this Saturday morning, it was astounding to find out this song had become a worldwide radio hit over a year later.

I don’t feel special or anything. I’m sure many people had become bored of the song by the time I discovered it. And I’m sure there are many people who will discover it 1-2 years from now and will be:”Wow! Where was I when this song came out?!” (This happened to me a few months ago with the song The Stand by Mother Mother, which I was tremendously fond of for a few weeks, but then I couldn’t really stand it any more)

I also make myself playlists of my current favourite music. I have made these playlists since 2010, and I’ve categorized these playlist by month and year – meaning that every month I have a new playlist, and I very, very, VERY rarely listen to the “old” playlists. Because they are not fresh any more. The songs are not fresh any more.

So for me, songs stay fresh for about a month. Two months if I love it, but don’t keep it on repeat. A week or two by default. What about you?

All the best,


Murky Minds


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