Adventures of Guitarhead – Help with moving

21 Jul

Adventures of Guitarhead #1


Does not contain preservatives – how long does a song stay “fresh”?

22 Jun

The apartment I currently live in has very thin walls. And when I say thin, I mean really thin. There used to be one huge apartment, but now there are two, and there is still a mere door behind one of the cupboards separating me from some college girls. I don’t usually pay attention to what music they are listening to. Probably because I am listening to music loud enough myself, so that I do not hear what they are listening. But one Saturday morning about a month ago I heard them play a song which awoke strong emotions in me. It was Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Continue reading

Kids of the past and the present

14 Jun

Somehow my post is in a way again about the changes technology has made in the way we do things. Or has it?

I was checking through the “KPCB Internet Trends 2013” slide and there was this visual statement that puzzled me. Is it really true or is it just older people going on about the decay of the youth of today? The latter of course in normal since this negativity is common for certain types of people who will always be among us whether we like it or not. Continue reading